LEA Award

  • LEA Award

Hamburg, February 16, 2006 – One of the most emotional moments during the LEA Awards was the honouring of the Promoter MARCEL AVRAM. He received the LEA Lifetime Achievement Award. LEA-President Fritz Rau gave a brilliant encomium.

“Marcel Avram is the only German Promoter who ever did world tours”, explained Rau. Nationally, Avram achieved great honour as co-founder of the Open-Air culture. The former manager and promoter of Michael Jackson is the “pride of the industry” and is respected throughout the world.

“I’ve still plenty of life left in me yet” answered Marcel Avram in his speech. “The LEA is a great thing, giving me hope and enjoyment”. Avram thanked his business partners, Marek Lieberberg, Fritz Rau, Ossy Hoppe and Peter Schwenkow.

“38 years in business were not as difficult as the 5 minute speech in front of the award audience” declared the visibly moved Avram after the award, at which “Musikmarkt” was present as co-initiator and media partner.