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In 1968, Marcel Avram founds the legendary Mama Concerts together with his friend and partner Marek Lieberberg. He brings world-class artists to Germany and Europe - his initiative turns sport halls and football arenas into concert halls and open-air coliseums. Marcel Avram recognizes the signs of the times: He creates successful TV formats such as "Thommy’s Popshow", "Peter’s Popshow", "Italian Nacht" and "Rock Over Germany", which become a powerful media platform in Central Europe for his artists. For example, he also brings the Chinese National Circus on tour and organizes tennis tournaments with John McEnroe, Ivan Lendl, Jimmy Connors and others. In 1987 he buys his largest competitor, Lippmann & Rau. And from this moment on, Fritz Rau becomes his partner. Bit by bit, the brilliant strategy builds Mama Concert & Rau, as the partnership is then called, into the largest promotion agency in the word.

Already at that time Marcel Avram had a clear idea of how the business will run in future decades and created CTS now called Eventim. Already 25 years ago he was the first promoter to organize European and world tours with Cat Stevens and Leonard Cohen and later on with Prince, Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, Eros Ramazzotti and Andrea Bocelli

Marcel Avram organizes the first concert with Michael Jackson in 1972, with the Jackson 5. Between 1988 and 1999 there are three large world tours with Michael Jackson, with more than 100 stadium shows on all continents. In Europe, these are in cities such as Munich, Berlin, Madrid, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Helsinki, Bucharest, Budapest, Prague and Istanbul.

With Jackson, Avram arranges the first concert given in India by a megastar, in Mumbai. The music continues in Asia in Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Taiwan, Tokyo, Sydney, as well as Wellington, New Zealand and Hawaii. A personal invitation from the Sultan takes Jackson to Brunei. 
He performs in Israel, Tunisia and Algeria. In South America, he plays countries such as Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil. In Mexico City Marcel Avram broke every existing record with Michael Jackson by selling out the Aztec stadium with a capacity of 110.000 five times in a row.